Wall Decal Felt Lettering – Vinyl Art giveaway


One of my all time favorite Etsy shops, Play to Learn, has just launched a new shop called Vinyl Art. The owners, Evgie and EvgieNev, believe that our walls can/should be the expression of our imagination. By adding high quality, easy to apply decals any wall can be transformed into an expression and extension of personality and imagination. And the felt creations from Play to Learn are all made with 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles–we love eco-friendly!

The beautiful decal above on the left is the dragonfly heaven design. On the right are the available colors that can be selected for this kit (yes, there really are that many!). This particular kit includes the tree trunk, leaves  and 7 dragonflies (with an optional 7 wings that can be applied to create depth). At first when I was browsing through the shop I thought that it was one decal for the entire design, but the fact that there are individual pieces in the kit (leaves, flies, etc), which is available in so many colors makes each kit truly unique and fully customizable. There are other vinyl stickers available in various colors at the shop including cute growth charts, laptop decals (I love the monster one!!!), coffee jar labels and more.

Over at the Play to Learn shop, Evgie has continued to produce adorable, handmade learning toys, games and accessories. There is a huge selection of unique, handmade toys that you just can’t find in any store. Take a look at this felt clock, I’ve never seen anything like it. Keep in mind that the clock comes in the color of your choice.

There are so many other cute felt toys and accessories. I found a felt magnet set (I’m sure Ryan would spell “I love you” if he had a chance) and a cup of soup (SOOOO cute!).

One lucky winner will receive the Slippery Garden Snails wall decal (picture below) as well as 5-7 embroidered letters, a $60 value! Note: for following evgie on twitter, liking evgie on facebook and subscribing to the play to learn blog a 10% discount will be given on any purchases!

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