Venettini Stylish Children’s Shoes giveaway

Venettini has been designing some of the cutest and most fashionable luxury children’s footware in the world over the last 20 years. The company is a small, family owned subsidiary of Kinderland, Inc who is one of the biggest names in European children’s footware.

The unique, stylish and functional footware has helped Venettini gain a cult-like following for their products and it’s easy to see why. I had the opportunity to choose from a nice selection of boys footware and absolutely loved what Venettini had to offer. Thank God I didn’t get to see the girls shoes just yet or I would’ve definitely gotten a case of baby fever! I wanted to find Ryan a pair of functional, cute summer footware, but I loved checking out the toddler version of these gentleman shoes as well (so adorable!)

I ended up choosing the #64 “Lewis” Navy Leather shoe because it looked comfortable, it looked like a shoe that would stay cool in the summer and it looked like it would offer a lot of protection for running around up at the lakehouse.

The shoes are fastened with a convenient velcro strap which held up really well when Ryan was running through the bushes, sticks and leaves in our backyard.

It was finally just warm enough to let Ryan run around outside for a little while (only 40 degrees though!). It’s a good thing these shoes are stylish, because look at the kind of outfits Steve makes Ryan wear!

Ryan had a great time outside and had no problems getting around. Aren’t his new shoes adorable!

One lucky winner will get a pair of Venettini children’s shoes of their choice!


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