Swiss Colony Petite Fours giveaway – Food and Accessories Event 

Originally starting as a company that delivered cheese by mail (go figure, they are from Wisconsin!), the Swiss Colony has evolved into one of the premier and largest direct marketers in the United States. Their products range from meats and cheeses to chocolates and jewelry. The addition of products over the years hasn’t changed the commitment to quality and taking care of customers.

Easter is coming up and Swiss Colony is definitely going to play a big roll in many households across the U.S. I love the selection of adorable gift baskets including the cute hound and frog baskets. I wish I could get them both for Ryan! Or maybe I would get something that Steve would love, like the chocolate covered, marshmallow cream filled white cake roll up!

Of course, as soon as Easter is up, Mother’s Day is right around the corner! My mom would LOVE to get a box of the Petite Fours, this amazing looking chocolate cake or she could share the lemon log with my dad (he loves lemon flavored desserts!).

I chose to review the classic and always delicious, Easter Petite Fours for this review. It was difficult to get some good pictures of the fours because as soon as they came out of the box Ryan was all over them! I know these pictures make Ryan look like a pig, but I also had to fight off Steve from eating all of the chocolate covered, multi-flavored mini butter cream cakes!

Ryan did you enjoy your Petite Fours?

One very lucky winner will get A set of “Happy Easter” Petite Fours as well as all of the other prizes included in the Food and Accessories giveaway!


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