S’well Water Bottle giveaway – Food and Accessories Event

S’well is a company that was launched with the simple, but extremely ambitious goal of providing clean drinking water to the entire world! The founder, Sarah Kauss, thought of the idea of creating the best water bottle while on a hiking trip in the desert (I suppose you need a good supply of water there!). Sarah utilized her entrepreneurial spirit to create a great water bottle, her passion for preserving the environment to reduce plastic waste and her humanitarian side to provide clean drinking water to those in need.

We’ve all heard about plastic bottle waste and why we should recycle. But, did you know that there are now over 88 billion plastic bottles in the ocean?! We also pay about 100 times more for the convenience of holding a plastic bottle of water than water out of the tap, which has been proven time and time again to be safer to drink than bottled water.

Well if it’s convenience that we need, the S’well water bottle is the perfect solution. The opening is larger than a quarter so you can easily fit most ice cubes into the super insulated bottle (keeps beverages hot or cold for a long time) and is easily cleanable with a scrub brush. The bottle is stainless steel, contains no plastic and preserves the taste of water without adding any gross flavors.

By purchasing and spreading the word about S’well you become a part of the solution to the problem of world water shortages (about 1 billion still don’t have clean water). 10% of the sales of S’well go directly to WaterAid’s program to provide clean water for drinking and hygiene to those in need. That’s 10% of sales, not profit, which is about $4 per bottle!

One very lucky winner will get the S’well Water Bottle as well as all of the other prizes included in the Food and Accessories giveaway!


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