Silk Pure Almond Milk review

My husband has been completely converted to an almond milk lover. He’s obsessed. We were able to try two 1/2 gallons of the stuff and Steve was an instant fan. Me? I like it, but it’s different–it was a taste I had to get used to. I described it as egg nog–no, not at all in

taste, but in the idea that you drink only a small glass at a time. It’s sweet! Steve? He’ll chug the whole carton at once, haha. I should mention we only tried the vanilla.

Why is it so great? Almonds!

A serving of almonds is a great source of vitamin E (a natural antioxidant!), fiber and protein. They’re also cholesterol-free and low in saturated fat. A glass of Almond Milk has just as much vitamin D and calcium as a glass of cow’s milk. A serving of the original almond milk is only 60 calories and the vanilla is just 90.

I REALLLLLY want to try the new dark chocolate almond milk! How good does that sound?! The vanilla stuff is awesome in coffee or alone with your meal or as a snack–to me it’s like dessert! And one that’s good for you ;)

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