Shopping for rain boots!

April is my favorite month… mayyyybe because it’s my birthday month ;) but also because I love the rain! And we all know April is known for its showers!

Ryan is a walking and running machine–he is all over the place. So I figure we need to get him some really awesome toddler rain boots.

We love Thomas the Tank Engine–so how cute are these?!

But Ryan is a cool kid, so I’d go for something more “cool” rather than “cutesy.”

Western Chief Kids Jungle Parade Rain Boots - Waterproof (For Toddlers)

Okay, those are still pretty cute. But I have a thing for animals so I love those boots!!!

But then…. I saw THESE. Hands down, these win. LOVE! Remember Ryan’s first birthday party was a monster-themed party? He’s our lil monster! These are perfect!

What do you think? Did I find a winner? Are you as excited for the rainy season as I am?! :)

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