Ryan’s 1st Christmas Cards!

I’ve never sent out photo Christmas cards… who wants to look at a picture of me and Steve, besides mayyyybe our parents? Haha. But now that we have Ryan?! Who DOESN’T want to look at a picture of him! There are many photo sites out there, but one I’ve used multiple times (and will continue to use in the future) is Shutterfly. They have lots of cuuuuute holiday cards to choose from, I really like this one because it’s nice and simple with a HUGE picture I’d put in of Ryan ;)

So yep, I’m totally going to be that mom this year… the one that send everyone pictures of their kid. Does that count as their Christmas gift?! That’d be nice, huh? And actually, I think I want to get some family members photo wall calendars as gifts–obviously filled with pictures of Ryan. I hope none of them are reading this! But look at this one, I absolutely love the different background options for it… it’s a baby boy theme called peek-a-boo :)

Do you go crazy with pictures of your child(ren)? Is your entire family getting some sort of photo gift for Christmas?!

*Thanks to Shutterfly for providing 50 free cards*

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