Pleasure Your Mate Month: 1800Flowers review

Did you know September is Pleasure Your Mate Month?! Ya, I didn’t either. There are other romantic holidays celebrated this month as well:

Sept 19-25: National Singles Week
Sept 19: Wife Appreciation Day (HELL YEA!)
Sept 24: Love Note Day (awww)

I know that sometimes it’s hard to get alone time with your husband (or wife), especially when you have kids. It’s often something that needs to get planned or scheduled! So September is the perfect time to think about your loved one and do something special for them (but you do that all the time, don’t you?!)

Well when I thought about Steve and celebrating, I thought… he won’t want flowers. Maybe cookies. Maybe candies. OHHhhh, but DEFINITELY a cheesecake!!! We were sent this Heart-Shaped Cheesecake from 1-800-Flowers (made by the best cheesecake company in NYC):

It was delicious. It arrived safely packaged with some dry ice to keep it fresh. The bottom layer was like cake (just a little bit though) and the rest was yummy cheesecake covered in chocolate and mini chocolate chips. It was awesome. And my husband was SO EXCITED. He said something along the lines of, “your blogging thing has finally paid off with this cheesecake!!!” haha.

So head over to 1-800-Flowers and see all the great stuff they carry to surprise your special someone!

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