Planning a baby shower!

Ok, I’ve been to three… but they were all for me and I did no planning for them. I love to plan! I love to make lists and throw parties and give presents and celebrate! Two friends of mine are preggo and are due in February. I know a shower is still a few months away, but I’ve already called dibs on throwing a guy/girl baby shower… they haven’t even discovered the sex of the baby yet! But I’m planning! :) Here are my 10 tips for a unique baby shower! What tips do you have? What’d you do/eat at yours???

1. Decorations. Make it personal! Maybe in the style they’ve decided to use for their nursery? Or the color scheme. Do they have a favorite sports team? For this shower, I’ve already gotten a “clothesline autograph garland kit.” So there are baby shapes (cradles, bibs, etc.) that each guest writes a cute message on and you hang it up. You can give them later for a baby scrapbook!

2. Diaper cake! These can be SO CUTE and are a must-have. At my shower we had one shaped like a teddy bear. You can surely find one based on your theme–some even come fully loaded with gifts:

3. Guest list. If you make it too large, there won’t be time to open all the presents and there may be too many people to play any fun games. I say it’s better to have multiple smaller parties rather than 1 big one. So keep it to your close friends, leave the extended family party for your aunt to throw ;) Decide if you want just girls, or if they can bring their guys along too–and their babies, if there are any! Don’t forget super cute invites!!! Like the Tiny Prints baby shower invitations!

4. Location. Make sure the baby mama is comfortable! If she’s 8 months pregnant in July, she may not want to sit outside at a park for 2 hours! Air conditioning is her best friend! Make sure there’s enough space for games, presents and socializing too. And don’t let the mama have it at her own house… too much stress!

5. Games! Some shower games just sound hideous to me (but hey, they may be fun for you…) like melting different kinds of chocolate in diapers and making guests try to guess what kinds they are. EW? There are some classics: guess how big the belly is, charades, or drinking out of a bottle. If there are guys at the party too, it’s always fun to make them do something like practice changing a diaper–a race to the finish!

6. Gifts. I really like the idea of everyone making something at the shower. Maybe a scrapbook page or decoupaging letters for the nursery that spell out the baby’s name. I found baby bibs you can decorate!

7. Foooood. Fun cakes related to your theme are cute. So are cupcakes! Try to stick to your theme… if it’s jungle animals, put out those zoo animal crackers for something fun. If you’re looking for classic, make some baby-shaped cookies (cradles, pacifiers, teddy bears, etc.). A virgin cocktail drink is a great idea! Non-alcoholic champagne or shirley temples :)

8. Surprise?! Did the couple not announce the sex of the baby? An AWESOME way to tell the world is to let one person in the secret… they can then make cupcakes that are filled with either a blue candy (for a boy!) or pink candy (for a girl)! When all the guests grab one and bite in, they’ll discover the secret! Cute, right?! I wish we had done this! Maybe next time :)

9. Diaper Dudes. I’ve heard of baby showers for the dads! And instead of lots of baby gifts (because let’s face it, what guys can really shop?), they brought lots of diapers! And what new mom doesn’t need diapers (cloth or disposable)?!

10. Catering. To the mama-to-be, that is. Put her feet up, put a drink in her hand, and let her relax! This is her time to get comfy and get pampered! Maybe someone can give her a foot massage or back rub?! Hmmm…. I’m liking the sound of this….. preggo fever! ;)

Any more tips? What’d you do at your baby shower(s)???

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