Pet zzz Heated Pad giveaway

The PetZzz-Pad is a brand new product for your cats and small dogs. The pad heats to a temperature of 102 degrees, which is the temperature recommended by vets for the perfect sleeping environment for pets. The pads fit perfectly into almost any bed or you can just plop in down in your pets favorite spot to lay around and relax.

So I know you’re probably thinking…why would I want to leave a pad plugged in and heating all the time, isn’t that dangerous? Probably, that’s why the PetZzz-Pad is only actively heating as your pet is laying on top of it! The cord is protected by a steel, chew proof casing. The super soft, water resistant fleece cover can be removed and machine washed, which is great for easily removing pet hair. The pad comes in two varieties: small for pets under 10 lbs; large for pets 10-25 lbs (like my enormously overweight cats).

For this review I received a large PetZzz-Pad (disclosure: but it’s all mine and the opinions are my own) and as soon as I pulled it out of the box the kitties knew something was up (I’m not sure, why, it didn’t smell like wet food).

Well they got bored as soon as they realized I wasn’t feeding them a 20 Oz T-Bone steak, so I just set the pad in Oscar’s favorite spot (orange fatty). Eventually he made his was up there and after a little sniffing laid right on top of the pad.

Man, he is so fat, but the 10-25 lb large pad is perfect for him and he loves it. As I’m writing this review he has been up there for over two hours now just sleeping warmly and comfortably in his favorite spot with his new PetZzz-Pad!

One lucky winner will get a small PetZzz-Pad of their own!


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