Organic Meat and Cheese giveaway from Applegate Farms – Food and Accessories Event

Applegate Farms is a company that was founded on the principle that people shouldn’t have to be afraid to read the ingredient lists on their food products. The founder, Stephen McDonnell, believes that eating a lot of healthy, local veggies is important to a healthy lifestyle, but as humans we still crave and need meat to thrive. Since we need meat, we might as well eat the best meat possible and that’s what the crew at Applegate Farms strives to bring to its consumers.

If you shop at a grocery store that doesn’t separate it’s organic foods from its regular brands (those are my favorite kind of grocery stores) then you have probably seen and/or bought Applegate Farms products and not noticed. When I hear the term “organic” when talking about food I think of fruits and veggies, not fried chicken strips, cheese, lunch meat, burgers and hot dogs. Applegate farms understands that these foods are staples in the American diet and are a huge part of the American culture. So what did they do about it? They reinvented the great American foods into the Great Organic American Foods!

Not only are the meats produced organically, but the animals are treated humanely throughout the production process. The goal of producing humane, healthy meat is to help people eliminate that love/hate relationship they have with meat and just get back to loving eating healthy foods that satisfy all of their cravings.

For the purpose of this review I received 6 free vouchers for any 6 Applegate Farms products (disclosure: but the opinions and writing are my own). I decided to feel it out and went to my local grocery store and checked out all of the products available. It’s a small grocery store and doesn’t carry a lot of some larger name brand products so I wasn’t expecting to find tons of Applegate Farms products. Being pretty frugal, I wanted to try to get the most expensive product I could find. I chose the 4 pack of organic turkey burgers (1LB.).

I really wanted to get out and grill these burgers, but I didn’t get a chance with the weather being super cold all of the sudden in the Midwest. I also didn’t want to just cook these on the stove or on my kitchen grill because I’ve had bad experiences doing that in the past. I was, however, curious about the packaging. I think packaging says a lot about a company.

The product was packaged exactly as I was hoping. I can take out one burger at a time, twist the bag shut and toss it back in the freezer. I also think there wasn’t any wasted packaging, which is a huge pet peeve of mine. The burgers are separated by a thin piece of paper which makes them easy to pry apart. I can’t wait to try them when the weather finally warms up!

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