Organic Coconut Oil (32oz Jar) giveaway from Tropical Traditions – Food and Accessories Event

Tropical Traditions is a small, family oriented company that strongly supports an earth friendly and health friendly lifestyle. The company’s strong commitment to family farming can only be matched by their strong commitment to following organic farming standards. You will not find a single GMO in any of the products produced by Tropical Traditions as they stand firmly against them and often times go far above and beyond the USDA organic standards. I loved watching this video about the amazing production process that brings organic coconut oil to consumers.

There are so many super healthy organic products that range from foods to lotions to cleaning products. I would love to try cooking with the virgin palm oil (it is listed as an ingredient in some peanut butters), the all purpose cleaner, the fluoride free teeth cleaner and I’d love to buy some of the raw-lamb meat treats for my kitties!

For this review I was sent a big jar (32oz) of organic coconut oil (disclaimer: I was not forced to review it). I have been wanting to try coconut oil for years but out of laziness just have not. I’ve heard it’s great for all kinds of uses, but what I would most likely use it for is maybe some moisturizing and cooking. Knowing basically nothing about coconut oil, I was definitely surprised when I opened the jar and the “oil” is more like solid butter. I checked the label and it’s pretty much pure saturated fat. It smells delicious and tastes kinda like bittersweet chocolate with a hint of coconut.

I decided to try to make some eggs for Ryan using the coconut oil instead of olive oil.

To my surprise the coconut oil melted very quickly and actually covered the frying pan faster than the olive oil usually does. The eggs cooked in the same time and same way. I loved the smell coming from the kitchen, but I’m not a big fan of the taste of coconut so I’m not sure how I’ll like the food cooked in the oil.

I was really surprised when I ate the eggs. I could definitely still smell the coconut as I was eating, but could barely taste a difference. The eggs just tasted less salty than when cooked in butter or oil (which is good because I have strong taste buds) and seemed a lot more filling.

Although Ryan looked pretty groggy, he’s still the pickiest eater in the world and couldn’t tell a difference (or he liked them more!).

Tropical Traditions has an awesome free page for coconut recipes if you’re like me and have no idea how to cook with coconut oil just yet.

If you decide to order, Tropical Traditions will give you a free Coconut Oil Cookbook when you choose the “Referred by a Friend” option and enter my User ID: 597348

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