Oh no Ryan! Mom and dad were abducted by aliens!

So the other night Steve and I were watching a movie on the couch. It was about 8:30 pm and Ryan was already asleep. I went to the kitchen to fill up my cup with juice and suddenly…a flash of light…I blacked out…when I awoke Steve and I were inside a strange laboratory. After we looked around we realized that were inside of an alien spaceship! We had been abducted and on a night that I actually got Steve to watch a chick flick!

Ok…so obviously this didn’t really happen. But we were watching TV the other day and saw a trailer for the movie “Mars Needs Moms.” We started thinking about what would happen to Ryan if we were suddenly abducted by aliens. Ryan has a very good relationship with his grandparents (on both sides) so we know he would be well taken care of. But what about the things that grandmas and grandpas cannot provide. There must be something special about Mommy and Daddy, right…We decided to make a list of the top ten things Ryan would miss if we were abducted by aliens.

1. BREASTFEEDING! This is without a doubt the most important thing that mom provides for Ryan. He is a monster machine and the fuel he runs on is momma’s milk.

2. Bedtime routine. Around 7:00 or 7:30 Steve turns off all the lights in the house except for a few dim ones by the computer in the living room. He sits on the floor and plays and sings a few soft songs (including Ryan’s favorite: “Baby” – Dave Matthews) to Ryan until he’s ready for bed. Ryan always tells us by giving us kisses and then waving goodnight and heading toward the bedroom.

3. Dad’s cooking. Steve is always coming up with new recipes for Ryan to try and love. He always tries to find the right combination of healthiness and deliciousness while making food that’s easy for Ryan to eat.

4. Ryan’s favorite games. Ryan has a glow in the dark toy that he loves. He takes it to Steve and they play hide and go seek with the toy as the object for hours everyday. He brought the toy to grandma and grandpa’s house last weekend and they didn’t know how to play so Ryan was getting frustrated!

5. Upside down kiss attacks. Do I need to explain this one!

6. Sleeping with mom and dad. Mom’s little cuddlebug!

7. Reading books with mom.

8. Being king of the house! No one else could possibly let Ryan get away with this stuff.

9. Art projects with mom. Ryan likes to make paintings and drawings.

10. Homemade forts. We are constantly rearranging our living room furniture to align with Ryan’s toys to make new play forts f0r him (I think they are secretly for Steve).

What would your little ones miss if you were abducted by Aliens. I think they would miss a lot. This gave Steve and I a chance to think about the things that we do for Ryan that are unique and special that only we know about him. It turns out there’s quite a bit.

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