MONSTER BASH! Zab’s Mom discount

I loooove ooga booga print! And of course it’s perfect for Ryan’s upcoming MONSTER birthday party, so when I saw these Christmas ooga print pajamas, I had to have them. “With Zab We Naturally Grow…”

I’ve loved working with the mama behind this shop. She’s been wonderful through email and sent us a really cute pajama set. But that’s not all you can find here! She also makes wool covers, longies, bamboo coats, trainers, dresses and bloomers and soft sole shoes! Here’s some of my favorites:

And now of course my absolute favorite! The Christmas Ooga Booga pajamas!! These also come in one-piece footed pajamas, but I got the two-piece shirt and pant set.

Instead of the striped pants pictured above, I got red velour pants… like Santa! I got size 18 months and it fits great. The pants are a liiiitle big long (Ryan just started wearing size 18, still wears lots of 12 mo) and the opening for neck is big, but I’d much rather have that than have it be a fight to get it on his head. LOOK how CUTE!

They’re made really well and the red velour material lines the ends of the sleeves and around the neck… and the ooga print lines the bottom of the pants–super cute!

Make sure you check out all of her cute stuff: Zab’s Mom

AND you can get 15% off your order by becoming one of her facebook fans!!!

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