MONSTER BASH: The Crafty Tortoise review

I love hats. Ryan owns a million of them! Okay, maybe like 6, but I think that’s a lot! Especially since he usually refuses to leave them on his head longer than 10 seconds. One of our most recent hats came from an etsy shop:

The Crafty Tortoise has crocheted and handcrafted items and there are so many I’d love to see Ryan in! Besides hats, she also has doily rugs, nesting bowls, swaddles, coasters, cup holders, card holders, garland banners, baby booties and patterns for your own craftiness!

Some of my favorites:

and what we got for lil Mr. Ryan, the monster….. the Monster Hat!

Created with 100% cotton yarn, this monster is complete with bulging eyes and monster teeth and a red tipped tail! Any of her hats can be made in different colors too. It’s very well made and I can tell it will last a long time… machine washable too!

My favorite part is the tail, but Ryan’s favorite is the eyes! Because they bulge out like that, he always goes after them, haha.

Sadly this is the best picture I have of him in it, haha. It’s taken by my iphone and after snapping a few pics, it was off his head. But you get the idea. It fits really well and he has plenty of room to grow, too.

You can get this same hat for $35 or check out the other items from The Crafty Tortoise!

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