MONSTER BASH! Scare Me Not review

I looove the idea behind these monsters. They aren’t just any stuffed animal… they’re monsters for your monsters! Do you remember being afraid of the dark when you were little? Maybe being afraid of monsters under the bed or in your closet? I know I was! I remember leaping onto my bed from like 3 feet away so I didn’t have to get close enough for monsters under my bed to grab me ;)

Each monster has a name and a “job” to do–they’re trained at the ScareMeNOT Academy where they learn how to see in the dark, hang from their tails, and stay awake all night! Look at the whole gang:

We were sent Protector Patty, “there’s no escape… Patty has an eye for every move you make!” Patty has 10 eyes, 5 in front and 5 in back, so I know Ryan will always feel safe with her around! “She really likes to scare nighttime monster when they least expect it.”

She comes in full-size, which is 28 inches in length (17 inches tall) and 12 inches wide or travel size, which is 15 inches in length (9 inches tall) and 7 inches wide. We got the full-size and it’s perfectly huggable! I can’t wait to give this to Ryan for his monster birthday, sitting side by side they may just look the same size, haha.

You can get your own full-size monster for your monsters for $24.99. Find Scare Me Not on facebook and twitter!

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