MONSTER BASH: Green Elevator review

Green Elevator is an Etsy shop that makes super cute stuffed monsters and animals. I think of all the stuffed animals Ryan has, this one is my favorite! She has also sold some kitty cat hats and origami crane jars. Check out some of her cute things:

I love that cuddly little Hedge Hamster! He looks kind of similar to the monster I got for Ryan… a Six-Armed Woolly Groffet!

Here he is in Ryan’s chair so you can see his size. These creations are extra furry and have extra arms (6!) to keep you warm in the cold weather! And the horns? Are to fight off any of the bad monsters! And to keep Ryan safe :) This Groffet was hand and machine sewn and stuffed with polyfill.

I couldn’t wait until Ryan’s party, I had to show him this monster! I think at first he was a little scared of him… he didn’t know what to think! But when I had the Groffet give Ryan a big hug, they became friends. He’s just too fluffy not to love!

Green Elevator is on break until mid-January (she’s enjoying the holidays!), but until then, you can check out her Sold section to see her other creations and favorite her shop to check it out later!

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