MONSTER BASH: Baby Creation by Tanya review

Baby Creation by Tanya is a shop with cartoon, animal and monster hats all hand knitted by Tanya! She also has scarves and everything is super cute! I’ve told you I’m a sucker for baby hats, right? Especially ear flap ones! And you can request any of her styles as an ear flap for just an extra $3. Deal! Tanya is a mama to two and has been knitting since she was 12 years old!

Some of my favorites by Tanya:

It’s R2D2!!!

Dino scarf!

Sock Monkey! <3

You can get any of the hats in any size too… newborn to adult! They’re really cute hats and also great photo props or gifts. The hats are made of acrylic yarn and are crocheted all the way around without a seam. Ryan’s hat is a little big on him (12-24 month size) so it will fit him for quite awhile. Next fall/winter for sure! It’s super cute on him right now because it hangs low just over his eyes, but of course he rips it right off (when does that phase end?!)… we got the Monster/Robot hat!

I think one of the reasons Ryan instantly rips this hat off is because he likes to play with the eyeballs that are popping out AND the horns at the top with the stringy hair. Great distractions on car rides ;) You can get this same hat for $19.

Be sure to check out Baby Creation by Tanya and find your favorites!

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