Letters from Santa! {free}

For Ryan’s first Easter, I designed and wrote a letter to him from the Easter Bunny. I’m a total nerd mom, I know, because Ryan can’t understand yet what’s going on, let alone read the letter! But it’s going in his scrapbook for sure :) So of course I wanted to do the same for Christmas, I just haven’t had the time yet. So when I saw that there was a site that made {free} Letters from Santa, I was really excited!

First, you choose your letter. There are 3 different options if you want your letter for free, or an extra 11 options if you pay for your letter (still only $2.99!). I chose the one called “Baby’s First Christmas.” You can preview them too, so you know what they’ll say.

Then you pick your design. There are 2 free options and 11 more “premium” options if you pay the $2.99.

After that, you personalize it with your child’s name, your name and your hometown. Sample:

And if you pay for the premium letter, it comes with a “Santa’s Official Nice List Certificate!”

I can’t wait to get mine! After you create it, it gets emailed to you so you can open it as a PDF file and print it.

Ahhh, I love the holidays :)

You can also find them on twitter and facebook.

*I did receive a free premium letter for this post, but I would have shared it with you anyway! It’s too cute and fun!*

Happy Holidays!

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