Juno Baby review

Juno Baby started at home with a new mom and dad expecting their first. They were on the search for products that were engaging, musical and fun… and now the Juno Baby products are filled with original music and lovable characters! You can find Juno Baby DVDs, CDs, books, toys and apparel.

I was sent a copy of DVD “The Day the Music Stopped” (which is from the Juno Jr. category) and a cute little tote bag:

This DVD is for preschool aged children so we will get a lot of good years out of it since Ryan is only 1! There’s lots to the video Ryan can’t do–like interact and hum the songs–but there’s still plenty for him to watch. Right now, Ryan is just a dancing machine! So this DVD being all about music is great.

Juno is the little girl and her baby brother is named Ry Ry! Not sure if that’s how it’s spelled (I tried to find in on their website…), but it’s pretty exciting to us because we call Ryan “Ry Ry” all the time! He’s basically in the movie! :)

The town of Harmonia Springs has lost it’s music so the group goes on a journey to get it back. It goes through melodies and harmonies and there’s an interactive bonus section. Check out Ryan getting his Juno on:

Visit Juno Baby and see everything else they offer! And find them on twitter and facebook.

*Disclosure: I was sent the DVD and tote for my review from US Family Guide. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions are my own (and Ryan’s!).

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