Giveaways 101

The goal at babydickeysgiveaways is to make it easy for our loyal readers to enter giveaways for the best products available for review, keep our sponsors happy to ensure that we keep getting great products for you to win and to not make things too difficult for us. Finding the balance between these three parameters can be difficult, but we are constantly trying to find the best system for everyone and we appreciate what our loyal readers do for us to enter our giveaways.

One thing that we have been working on lately is to create multiple product giveaways. Occasionally we will be approached about doing giveaways for smaller value products that would not provide enough value for our readers to win in giveaways by themselves, but when grouped with 2, 3 or more products the value of the giveaway increases greatly. In March of 2011 we were happy to be able to giveaway an $1100 baby shower package! While we wish all of our giveaway packages could be that big, the general rule of thumb is to provide packages of similar products totaling a $50-$200 value.

If you use forms instead of comments, how do I know my chances of winning?

If you head to the giveaways page you will see running giveaways identified as follows: low, medium and high. We like to leave some mystery in our giveaways, but generally the ratings are for the following ranges:

  1. Low: under 100 entries
  2. Medium: 101-300 entries
  3. High: 300+ entries

There are always lots of opportunities to win. If you are ever curious about your odds of winning or would like to know the statistics behind a certain giveaway just email and ask. I may not be able to help you, but it doesn’t hurt to ask!