i <3 overstock

I discovered (okay, my MOM discovered and spread the word) overstock.com a loooong time ago. It’s one of those one-stop shops that has everything. AND it has everything at pretty great prices. It’s one of the websites I regularly check when I’m looking for a specific item online.

Everything from sunglasses (everyone needs a pair of aviators! and these are only $15.99):

to vacuum cleaners:

Yea, that’s a refurbished Dyson for $259.99. We got a brand new $350 vacuum cleaner as a wedding gift… maybe used it twice… when we moved to a new place. In a hurry, we forgot to close the back of the moving truck. YEA, see where this is going? Turned the corner and out went the vacuum. We turned around immediately to pick it up, but it was already gone. THIEVES! It was seriously, seriously heartbreaking. (you know you’re getting old when….) But buying refurbished (with free shipping on your first order!) really helps.

If you haven’t checked out (or even heard of!) overstock.com yet, I recommend it!

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