How long is your honey-do list?

Do you feel like your honey-do list is never ending–you just keep adding to it and nothing ever gets done? I do. I can think of a million things (okay, maybe like 27) that need to be done around this house and yard. Ya know, those jobs that no one ever wants to do, but it has to get done.

For example–some of the things I want done around here: tearing down ugly wallpaper, painting, pulling weeds, moving furniture out of the basement, knocking down a wall and expanding the kitchen, replacing the windows (so we don’t have to switch them out every spring and fall–yea, old school!) and hey, while I’m at it… put in a jacuzzi. Thanks ;)

I’ve found the perfect place to get it all done! MyHammer is a marketplace where you can search for local contractors to do the job! You just post what kind of work you’re looking for and explain the project and then contractors can came and put an offer or bid on it! It’s totally up to you to choose who you want to hire… maybe based on experience or reviews or price quote! Allll from the comfort of your home computer :)

It’s completely free for you and one of the best features, in my opinion, is that people can’t leave reviews for contractors unless they’ve actually hired them for a job. That way, you know the reviews are legitimate!

I’ve tried a site similar to this before. It was terrible–the website was poorly designed and didn’t even work half the time–and the customer service was awful. I even had a $100 credit to use to hire a contractor for whatever I wanted and the site was so bad that I never even used it!

That’s why I’m really excited about MyHammer–I’ve looked around the site (which is working wonderfully!) and it seems much more professional and ready for business. I think it’s a great idea to have contractors bidding for your job–keeps prices competitive! And makes our job of finding the right person to hire much easier!

What projects are you dying to have completed around your house?

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