Holiday tech shopping tips

My mom seems to always have the newest and coolest tech gadget so, of course, I’ve become interested too–it’s genetic, right? Tech toys are always a great gift idea, especially for the guys who may be harder to buy for. Ya know, when you can’t get away with CHOCOLATE :)

So here are my top 5 tech shopping tips for this holiday season!

1) Do your research! Tech toys (and I’m talking grown-up toys, not a light-up, singing puppy for your son) can be expensive and you want to make sure you’re putting your money into something worthwhile–something of quality that will last a long time. For example, I recently bought a DSLR. I finally decided on a Nikon d5000, but also looked at Canon options. I decided what features were most important to me, went to a store to hold them both in my hands, and after much research I made my choice. And I LOVE.IT. To spend that much money, you have to love it!

2) Compare quality of customer service. Whether you’re shopping online or in local stores, compare the type of care you’ll be receiving. If something goes wrong with your product, will you be able to return it? Will you be able to speak face-to-face with someone or will you be on the phone for hours with an automated service? Definitely important!

3) Compare prices!!! If it’s not a must-have item, try to wait until it goes on sale. Wait for Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Otherwise, make sure you’re looking around at all your shopping options. There are various sites out there that help you compare prices and tell you where you can find your desired product the cheapest ((a new one I just signed up for is Joe Shopping!))

4) Coupons, never leave home without them! (And never buy online without them!) A quick google search of the store you’re shopping at plus a term like “coupons” or “discount codes” will bring up a ton of websites with possible promotions listed. Some people get offers and don’t plan on using them, so they post them online for other people. Ah, the internet can be a lovely place when we work together! Always, always, always do a google search before hitting that “Buy” button!

5) Reviews! Don’t take everything as fact because you have no idea who is on the other end writing the review, but it doesn’t hurt to read them. You may learn some things about the product you never would have realized before… good or bad! Most shopping sites have places for reviews to be written or you can google for reviews from lovely mommy bloggers ;) okayyyy, or some reviews from techie bloggers may be more helpful, haha.

Planning on buying an tech toys this holiday season??? I want to know!! I’d love an iPad, but I think this year I’ll just be upgrading my iPhone3 to and iPhone4! Hm, a kindle might be nice too… if I had the time to read, ha. What toys do you want?!

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