Happy Easter Store $50GC giveaway

The Happy Easter Store was created to help consumers gather all of their Easter presents in one place. Instead of ordering and tracking shipments on a bunch of different websites, shoppers can order all of their favorite Easter items and and track them all in one place! There are six stores total that can link to one shopping cart, ensuring that whatever your Easter needs are you can find it at Happy Easter Store!

You could pick up a personalized Easter basket from the Personal Creations store. We got one for Ryan last year on Easter and love it! You could order some Easter egg style chocolate covered strawberries from Sherri’s Berries (so cute), which look delicious. I love these “egg plants” from Red Envelope: you crack open the egg and there’s organic soil inside! I also like the look of this Carousel bunny full of Mrs. Fields cookies from the ProPlants store.

For this review I received a $50 coupon code (disclosure: the stuff I got (hands off) and the opinions are my own!). I decided to get a box of the Godiva Spring Ballotin which has 19 assorted, delicious choclates (which I hid from Steve!). I also picked up a pair of Easter Long John’s with Ryan’s name on the butt. They are so cute! I love that they have a little poop shoot to make diaper changes easier. They are definitely not the best quality material and the graphic looks cheap, but he’s only going to wear them a few times so I don’t mind that at all and it makes them less expensive.

I decided to let Ryan try a chocolate, but he has to find it first!

“Wait, you’re going to let me eat chocolate!” – Ryan

“This is your last chance to stop me… never mind I’m just gonna eat it!” – Ryan

One lucky winner will get a $50 Coupon Code to the Happy Easter Store!


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