Hannah and the Talking Tree book review

We try to be pretty environmentally friendly in this house and hope to raise Ryan that way too.. we’ve discussed before that he just might be the kid that’s made fun of in school for recycling all his “trash.” So when I was given the opportunity to review this book, Hannah and the Talking Tree, I jumped! It sounded like it had a great message for kids.

This cute book is about a girl (named Hannah!) with very large ears. She’s able to hear everything around here, including the animals and plants. Of course, this means people pick on her and one day she leaves town and finds a tree. This is a lonely tree! All his friends have been taken away and Hannah uses her big ears to listen and go back into town to tell her story. She uses her gift to help save this tree… and to help educate others on the environment.

It’s such a cute story–one I would have loved as a kid (and that I love now)!

I’ve read it many time to Ryan, he likes the animal pictures :) The pictures are bright and colorful and the illustrations are beautiful! It’s written AND illustrated by Elke Weiss and is the Gold Medal Winner of the 2010 Moonbeam Children’s Book Award!

You can buy your own copy of this book from Free Focus Publishing for $16.95.

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