Glow Crazy Distance Doodler Review

Sometimes Steve and I need a little help coming up with that new, exciting experience for Ryan. He’s constantly craving new and different toddler toys to play with and sometimes we’re just stumped! We were just having a conversation with grandma and grandpa about how we have no trouble making it until 4 or 5 in the evening with Ryan, but after that he gets a little bored (and then cranky!) and we get a little tired (and then a little irritated!). A few weeks ago we stumbled upon the Glow Crazy Distance Doodler.

The Glow Crazy Distance Doodler is one of the hottest new glow-in-the-dark products for kids. It’s really simple to set up: you need 4 AAA batteries and a clean, flat wall/surface (best without wallpaper) to attach the sticky sheets of “glow clings.” The kit includes two 12″x30″ sheets of glow clings, which can be used as a big canvas for creations or easily cut into fun shapes/stencils to decorate the room. Moms– this is one product that will make you relieved to find your kids drawing on the wall! Ha ;) Note: the product is recommended for ages 6+ due to the fact that the doodler is a class 1 laser.

Our Glow Crazy is set up in our living room where Ryan has easy access

Even though Ryan is only 14 months old he is absolutely fascinated by this product. We (I mean my husband and I) have been playing with this product since we received it and Ryan loves trying to figure it out. He walks up to the glow clings during the day, points and makes his “I’m interested” noise (i.e. grunt).

Ryan Checking out the Glow Cling

At night he can’t wait to try to point the doodler himself (under daddy’s supervision) and watch the wall light up! We can’t wait until a few years pass to see what creations he can come up with on his own.

The Glow Crazy in action, teaching Ryan to spell his name

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