Fall Event: Ryan’s a Lion!

Okay, I didn’t even realize that would rhyme until I typed it. I swear that’s not why I chose this as his Halloween costume! You guys know I love fall… and I LOVE Halloween season. This year is super excited because it’s Ryan’s first!!! Plus, last year I was hugely pregnant and we didn’t do anything. Boo, I know (pun intended–god I’m such a nerd). So I started thinking about what Ryan would be for Halloween a loooong time ago. His nursery theme is safari animals and we have a TON of monkey stuff, so my MIL bought Ryan a monkey costume at a garage sale and I love it! But I don’t think it’s going to fit.

Then along comes the Costume Supercenter. I spent forever searching through allllll their costumes trying to pick out the perfect one–there are so many great ones! I considered this:

awww, I know. I considered a costume for my hubby too, but I knew the chances of getting him to wear it were slim–whereas Ryan doesn’t have much of a choice :) So I finally decided on the Elite Lil Lion:

He wasn’t in the best mood for sitting still and having me take pictures, so I apologize that they aren’t that great! He kept trying to crawl up me and grab the camera and I couldn’t get away lol. BUT SEE HOW CUTE?! I’m SO excited to show him off at Halloween! The costume is fantastic quality… the sleeves extend with little paws to cover the hands and the costume comes with litte paw slippers that are plenty big to go over shoes and the lion mane head cover.

The only thing…. is that Ryan immediately pulls off any hat we put on his head. He can’t pull this off because it snaps at the back of his neck–but he tried! So I’m curious to see by the time Halloween is here how he handles it. But all the baby costumes have head pieces! So babies must be okay with it! Yea?! Well anyway, it’ll make for some super cute pics and then if Ryan insists, we can take the head part off.

So here’s the question…. should I be Dorothy from Wizard of Oz? Ryan’s like the cowardly lion and I could make Steve be a scarecrow (or tin man). ????

OR… should we all be lions?! Mama and Papa lions with our lil baby cubby. Costume Supercenter does have a lion costume for me:

But it looks a little chilly ;) and I’d probably go with a set of brown sweat pants with a tail and ears! Steve could do that too (if I can MAKE him lol). So what do you think?!

What’s your vote on what we should be? What are YOU going to be?

Visit Costume Supercenter for your Halloween costume ideas!

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