ERGObaby Carrier review

ERGObaby is a family owned and operated company and was started out of a basic need (as the best products always are!) for a mama to carry her baby. We love babywearing and we LOVE the ERGO. Babywearing allows me to get things done around the house when Ryan wants to be held and it keeps him from getting fussy when we’re out running errands. I really like how close the ERGO holds Ryan to me, like a big hug :)

Here we are at the Apple Orchard… Ryan had just waken up from a nap and was still sleepy. The ERGO made is really easy to walk around with him (and pet the baby cows :) )

Even my brother-in-law tried it out and took Ryan for a walk!

Some awesome stats:
one inch of high density foam in the shoulder straps (makes it comfy!)
fits body height from 5′ to 6′5″
adjustable shoulder, chest and waist straps
strength tested up to 90 pounds
machine washable
sleeping hood with elastic that adjusts in length

This carrier is seriously so comfortable to wear (especially compared to some others I’ve tried). The base of it pretty much creates a seat for Ryan so I’m sure it’s comfy and cozy for him too! That waist strap has to be my favorite feature. I’m all about ergonomics!

The next most awesome thing is the sleeping hood. Ryan has definitely fallen asleep in the ERGO and the hood is perfect for getting light out and for supporting his head. But I also LOVE it as a nursing cover! About a week ago I was at a camera shop with my mom and she was taking fooorrreeevvverrr and Ryan was getting fussy. So I pulled up the “sleeping hood,” pushed the top of my shirt down, and Ryan was able to latch on–and then actually fell asleep. I felt really comfortable and the creeper standing next to me couldn’t see a thing ;) Oh, and when you aren’t using it, you can just stuff it in the front pocket–super quick and easy.

ERGO has their classic carriers, like I received, but they also have organic and performance carriers and lots of accessories: an infant insert (for babies under 4 months), a cargo pack, a front pouch, back pack, changing pad, teething pads, a weather cover system, and super cute papoose coats!

Aww, how cozy does that look? That reminds me, I should mention that the ERGO can be worn on the back or on your hip. You can also get waist extender straps, if needed, and replacement straps or hood. Prices for carriers range from $105 to $148, depending on the type you buy. Check them all out here: ERGO Shop.

You can also buy “gently used” ERGO carriers at a discount (that’s actually what mine is and I wouldn’t have known the difference at all, it’s perfect!) by calling their main office at 1-888-416-4888.

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