Energizer Smart ChargHers!

Before BlogHer10, I heard about a contest put on by Energizer… they were selecting bloggers to represent them at the conference–Smart ChargHers! It was a $2000 sponsorship! I didn’t try out for it because I had an awesome sponsor already (thanks, Simplisse!), but my roomies did. Unfortunately, they weren’t chosen, but we were still on the hunt for the ChargHers at the conference…. they had SWAG!

Each ChargHer had USB flash drives to hand out and ONE had $500 on it! Ummm… *please be my lucky day?!*

Flash drive #1: we were walking back into the hotel after a swag suite across the street and wouldn’t you know we had the best timing? ChargHers were right there, passing out swag right in front of the hotel! Chance number one.

Flash drive #2: we were standing in line to get up to an awesome swag suite (um, who said BlogHer wasn’t all about the swag?) and guess who was standing right in front of us? Yea, Jennifer and the Barefoot Mommies! (ChargHers, if you didn’t know). Jennifer kindly handed us a J. leigh designz flash drive. Chance number two!

Flash drive #3: Same location as flash drive #2… but the Barefoot Mommies kindly handed us one of their flash drives!!! CHANCE NUMBER 3!!!

How do you like them odds?!

I did! So did my roomies! That is, until we got back to our room, all 3 of us sat down at our laptops and one by one plugged them in. And one by one, we all said– nope……. nope….. nope. :(

But we had fun anyway! And the Energizer Smart ChargHer girls were super nice and fun to chat with! I’d love to have a Smart Charger–goodness knows how many batteries babies and kids need :/

*I found the info for this post at J. leigh designz and am eligible for a Target giftcard and Smart Charger for writing this post.*

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