CSN Review Time

With over 200 stores at your disposal, CSN provides a convenient shopping experience for any consumer with access to a computer. With the endless products available, including bird baths, kitchen utensils and rugs, there’s something for everyone at CSN. There’s a really cute  Laptop Messenger Bag I have my eye on too–a great gift for my mom! I find myself scrolling through products wasting lots of time, but not money because the prices are great ;)  

We were thinking about replacing the ceiling lighting in our living room. There is currently a mini chandelier that anyone over 5′3 hits their head on when they get off the couch (I’m good, but most people aren’t, lol). I went into the CSN lighting category. There are 4,125 options for the “close to ceiling” lighting products category. My husband and I SHOULD be able to agree on something here. 

Check back soon for a review, but in the meantime solve your domestic consumer disputes at one of CSN’s 200 stores.

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