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In 2010 I started a local chapter for the Internation Cesarian Awareness network (ICAN). Those you who have read my past posts about my birth story know how important starting this organization and becoming an activist has been to me and my family. Since starting my local ICAN chapter, the organization has attended the Rockford Birth Fair (Birth Babies and Beyond) and a Women’s Expo… but we were missing something very important! A sign! I think we wrote “ICAN” on a measly piece of paper and hoped it’d draw some attention.

Our sad looking station at the Rockford Birth Fair…would you bother stopping? Help us!!!

Recently, contacted me about doing a review of one their many products. I immediately thought of creating something for my ICAN chapter and checked out their options for custom Signs and Banners. The customer service was great and creating our sign was so simple. The entire process took about 5 minutes and the result was outstanding.

This picture doesn’t do it total justice because the very top is folded over and some of the bottom is folder under (to make it fit for this photo).

The vinyl banner is thick, very strong and was definitely made to last. I wish I had an ICAN event this month so I could post a picture of our booth for this review. I love the detailing of the ICAN logo in the top left corner. This banner will surely drive more traffic to our booth and give us more confidence at future events.

Build A Sign also offers many other high quality products that you should definitely check out including license plates, flags, magnetics and others.  They have some basic templates that are fully customizable or you can make up your own from scratch. Once again, the process is so easy that you can be done from start to finish in five minutes! You can even save your design and share it with others for their input before you order.

When I took the sign out of the box and showed it to Steve he said, “wow that must have cost $200!” Nope, check out their low prices for yourself. He couldn’t believe the quality for the price.

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