Bravado Sublime Nursing Bra and Matching Undies giveaway

Bravado Designs is a company started by two breastfeeding moms sitting around a kitchen table with a dream of creating the best and most stylish nursing bras. The bras produced by Bravado Designs are recommended by hospitals, moms, celebrity moms and lactation consultants all over the world. They are a green company that donates to charities and uses only REAL moms, instead of models to market their products!

There are great products available at Bravado in so many different colors. I love the original leopard print bra that made them famous. I would love to try the body silk seamless nursing bra. My favorite Bravado item is definitely the nursing tank (I have three of them). They are super cute and super functional.

I haven’t gotten a chance to try out the bamboo nursing bras, but I LOVE the feel of bamboo on my skin and so does Ryan. I also have to buy some more bras in more of these awesome styles. I love the pink and black, my two favorite colors. I think that the see thru undies symbolize what Bravado stands for: super sexy products for moms.

For this review I got to try the sublime nursing bra and matching undies. As soon as I pulled them out of the package Steve said, “wow that’s sexy!” He asked if I ordered something from Victoria’s Secret! Nope, I told him it was just nursing lingerie! Just like all of the Bravado products I already have the bra clasps and unclasps easily from the shoulder with one hand, which is great because I need the the other hand to fight off Ryan while I’m trying to get ready to nurse!

The biggest difference from the Sublime and my other nursing bras and tanks is the thinness of the cotton cup fabric. The product is available all the way to K cup. I love the style!

One lucky winner will get a A matching set of Sublime Bra and Undies from Bravado!


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