Bit’Z Kids

Originating in Japan in 1998, the first NYC Bit’Z Kids store was opened in 2008. They’ve become the largest baby and children’s clothing store in Japan with 130 stores nationwide. “We aim to provide our customers with what we call “total fashion“–comfortable, safe clothing with high functionality that can keep up with ever-growing kids.”

When I got the opportunity to review something from this store, I went on the hunt for something cute–we all know how hard it is to find CUTE boy clothes! UGH! I have a thing for dinosaurs. I think maybe because when I was younger I used to babysit these two adorable little boys (one of them was named Ryan!!!) for like 4 years and they LOVED dinosaurs. They knew the name of every single one–I was amazed. So I’ve recently been on the hunt for dino stuff for my lil Ryan (and am even considering it as his first bday party theme). When I saw these onesies… perfect!

Obviously I love the blue one, covered in dinos. But the plain white one is nice too, with a cute little dino in the corner. The first thing I noticed about these onesies was the stitching on the sleeves – I should have a picture because I don’t know how to explain it, but it’s not your normal Carter’s onesie. It’s not frayed… it’s just.. soft. Anyway, I like it. Then I noticed the buttons for the bottom closure–again, not your usual style! They’re white little snaps. I was worried they wouldn’t hold as well, but they did great AND I thought they were easier to button (I have issues sometimes with those dang things!) SO, overall–different, but totally cute and still great quality.

AWww, my lil dino man. And see those pants he’s wearing? Bit’Z Kids send me those too! They’re the Navy Monkey Pants–love the name, first of all, because Ryan IS a lil monkey. Second, I love the butt. Yep.

That’s the back, with the little rocket logo (shouldn’t it be a monkey?!). But you see what I mean with the cute butt area? I love the way that style fits. Come on, who isn’t in love with cute little baby bottoms? It can’t be just me! Ryan is a tall boy (95th percentile!) so the pants are a teeny bit short, but not bad (meaning, I still put them on him, but I noticed, haha).

The sizing is a little different… I got size 70, which is 6-12 months. Ryan is in size 12 months clothes right now, but I picked size 70 anyway from looking at their size chart. Aside from the pants being a bit short, everything fits perfectly. I’m happy with them!

You can get the cute dino onesies for $16 and the pants for $15. Good deal! And of course they have cute things for girls too, so go check ‘em out!

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