Baby Shower: Fisher Price Learning Home

Fisher Price is a household name and belongs on every baby shower gift registry. Since its founding in 1930, Fisher Price has continually evolved to create safe, low cost and educational toys for children of all ages. There have been over 5000 products created/sold under the Fisher Price brand name including popular names like Power Wheels, Little People Toys, Thomas and Friends, and many more. Fisher Price has also increased its preschool and infant product lines including baby monitors, bouncers, the Rock N’ Play Sleeper and many other products.

The Learning Home is a versatile, but simple to understand toy that infants can use as soon as they can move/sit and toddlers can use for a long time. The recommended age range is 9-36 months. The product combines so many different features into one and really is a great value for the money. At 12-13 months old Ryan’s three favorite things are moving the shapes from their storage area near the top of the learning home through the shape sorter on the door and back, flipping the light switch on and off (with music!) and putting mail into the mailbox and/or delivering it to me and Steve.

Opening and closing the door activates different sounds, depending on which mode you are in: it’s learning time and it’s music time. The two modes can be switched easily on the radio (see below). The learning mode features opposites like up and down (open/close window), on and off (flick light switch), open and close (the front door) and more. The music mode plays up to 21 different songs including the itsy, bitsy spider when “rain balls” are dropped down the purple spout on the side.  The front door is also fun for chasing Daddy!

The Fisher Price Learning Home teaches in two different ways: traditional early education like colors, shapes, vocabulary and more and everyday experiences like ringing doorbells, getting the mail, turning lights on and off and more. Check out the product for yourself at Fisher Price. Thanks!

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