Are Your Hands Clean?

Call us paranoid, call us new parents… but Steve and I have been totally paranoid about all the hands touching and grabbing Ryan. We’re always asking people to wash their hands–I think that is especially important for newborns. Particularly when they’re born in the winter flu season like Ryan was. And I believe it worked–Ryan is 6.5 months old and has never been sick, not even the slightest bit! Okay, Divas N Babes may have helped a little bit too.

Divas N Babes is an online boutique for, you guessed it, divas and their babes :) This shop was started when new mama Tonjia wanted a way to deal with the new mom-me (mom clothes can be so frumpy!) and the mom-voice (um, can you please not touch my child with your who-knows-where-they’ve-been hands?). Tonjia was an assistant professor pre-babies and as a SAHM, people were always asking her when she was going back to work…. SO Divas N Babes was born! I love stories like that and I love supporting mom-made businesses!

Tonjia is a babywearer so they have awesome slings and mei teis as well as great stuff for mom and baby. Where does my story fit in? One little outfit that was the result of Tonjia’s new mom-voice….

The PERFECT little onesie that says “Are Your Hands Clean?” It’s great when we’re going to be out around large crowds or even just small groups that we know will all want to hold Ryan. This way, we don’t have to sound rude or make the moment awkward by telling people to wash their hands first. Who doesn’t make their kid do all their dirty work? Haha. Besides, who could say no to his adorable lil face? (In this picture, it was just after bath time and right before bed time–he was NOT in picture mood. I had to bribe him by flashing my hand at him above the camera, lol).

Divas N Babes is a great company and you can interact with them (and get special offers!) on twitter and facebook.

AND something else that makes them so wonderful??? They donated one of these onesies to my fundraiser for Cora’s Story! A huge THANK YOU to Divas N Babes!

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