Alla’s Music Studio – Guitar Lessons Melbourne

Alla’s Music Studio is a well-known Bentleigh East music school offering guitar lessons and other music lessons. Its teachers include Rose, Fiona Steele, Matt Roche, Zachary, and more. Whether you’re new to the guitar or a seasoned guitar player, these teachers will help you learn to play it well. They are highly trained and experienced, and they are all eager to help you develop your musical skills.

Matt Roche

A highly regarded Melbourne guitarist, composer, and instructor, Matt Roche is a highly experienced music educator who is firmly grounded in the jazz and African-American traditions. As an accomplished performer and composer, Matt offers guitar lessons that go beyond the standard guitar lesson. His lessons focus on sound production and the development of a sense of self. He believes strongly in the power of music to improve a student’s well-being and mental health.


Guitar Lessons Melbourne are designed to train students of all levels. Their comprehensive program includes lessons on the guitar’s essentials, as well as practice habits and chord/scale theory correlations. Lessons are guided by a lesson plan, which provides a step-by-step guide to achieving your guitar playing goals. Unlike other methods, their lesson plans are customized and have demonstrable outcomes.

Fiona Steele

At Alla’s Music Studio – Fiora Steele guitar lessons, you can learn from a professional singer-songwriter who tours the world and has won several awards. These guitar lessons are ideal for absolute beginners, and they will help you to improve your songwriting and multi-tasking abilities. Whether you want to learn a new song or perfect an old one, these guitar lessons will help you to reach your goal of becoming a professional musician.


The local Bentleigh East music school, Alla’s Music Studio, offers beginner and advanced guitar lessons for those in need of extra help. With an instructor who is both friendly and knowledgeable, you’re sure to find a comfortable learning environment. Zachary has been teaching guitar lessons for four years and has helped many students become a better guitarist. He also teaches private guitar lessons for adults. This makes him a great choice for guitar lessons in the Bentleigh East area.


Whether you want to improve your playing skills, take up guitar lessons or learn the basics of bass guitar, Alla’s Music Studio in Bentleigh East can help. The studio offers a variety of lessons and guitar accessories, including guitar picks and straps. Students are taught by Marco himself, who is an expert in guitar lessons. The instructor is patient and friendly, which makes the guitar lessons a pleasant experience.

Andy Cotter

If you are looking for local music schools near Bentleigh East, consider Alla’s Music Studio. Located in Bentleigh East, Alla’s Music Studio has been teaching guitar lessons to locals for over a decade. Its staff of highly-experienced musicians is ready to help you develop your guitar skills. At Alla’s Music Studio, students get to learn a new instrument and develop their musical skills from scratch.


At Stewart Alla’s Music Studio, you’ll learn guitar from a professional guitarist with years of experience in many styles. Stewart has performed in many bands and on stages throughout Australia and overseas. He teaches a variety of guitar styles by ear. He also teaches students how to compose songs. Students at Stewart Alla’s Music Studio are encouraged to take an active role in the learning process.

Tyler Turfboer

If you’re interested in learning how to play the guitar, Alla’s Music Studio in Bentleigh East is an excellent choice for guitar lessons in Melbourne. The music studio has been providing guitar lessons for many years, and their experienced teachers are very knowledgeable about the instrument. They’ll also work with your schedule to make sure you learn at your own pace. In addition to offering guitar lessons in Bentleigh East, Alla’s Music Studio offers beginner and advanced guitar lessons.

Alla’s Music Studio – Piano Lessons in Bentleigh East

If you’re looking for a local Bentleigh East music school, look no further than Alla’s Music Studio. This local music school offers piano lessons in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere that’s perfect for beginners and advanced players alike. They also offer Group and private lessons and offer a range of affordable price options. Read on for more information about these Melbourne music schools and what you can expect.

Alla Schnall

Alla Schnall’s Music Studio in Melbourne offers professional and affordable piano lessons for children and adults of all ages. She has been teaching piano for over 25 years and is a qualified full member of the Victorian Music Teachers Association. She is a well-rounded teacher who is passionate about music and loves to share her love of it with her students. To learn more about her studio, please visit their website.

Founded in 1996 by Alla Schnall, Solfege House has taught over 100 students. It is now a family business that has expanded into a recording studio and agency. Its professional teachers and encouraging environment have helped many students learn to play the piano and other instruments. The music studio is located in the heart of the city, making it a convenient place for students to study.


When it comes to taking piano lessons for your child, one of the best options is Alla’s Music Studio in Brooklyn. The studio has been providing in-home music lessons since 2003. Whether you’re traveling to a new city for a family reunion, or you’re simply looking for a convenient time for your child to learn, we have a teacher for every need.

Students at Emily’s Music Studio enjoy in-home piano lessons from a professional instructor. Every spring, the studio hosts a formal piano recital. Students are encouraged to attend the recital to show off their hard work and dedication to the instrument. There are no auditions for the recitals, but they do offer a free trial lesson. Emily McLaughlin is a multi-award-winning vocalist and composer who enjoys working with children.

Emily Chen received her Masters in Piano Performance from the Manhattan School of Music. She has worked for fifteen years with students taking the Royal Conservatory Examinations. She has also taught at Song of Songs Music Studio in New York, where she had several opportunities to work with diverse students from different backgrounds. She places value on ear training, keyboard technique, theory, and history of music. In addition, Emily believes in a solid musical foundation for every student, which is why her lessons are tailored specifically to the needs of her students.

Group lessons

If you’re looking for group piano lessons in Bentleigh East, look no further than Alla’s Music Studio. With a wide range of music classes available, this local music school is an excellent choice for those seeking to improve their playing skills. You can enroll in piano lessons for the entire family, or you can even opt for private lessons for the more experienced student. The benefits of group piano lessons include:

The teachers at Alla’s Music Studio are highly qualified and have many years of experience teaching students of all levels, from beginners to tertiary students. The studio offers both private and group lessons to suit any budget. The group lessons are extremely affordable, making them ideal for anyone who wants to learn to play the piano. They also host an annual student concert, which is a great way to develop self-esteem, public performance skills, and confidence.


The prices for piano lessons Melbourne at Alla’s Music Studios are not cheap, but they are well worth it. Alla’s Music Studios offer a trial lesson to new students, which is one lesson that does not lock you into any music classes. However, you must pay in full on the day you are scheduled to attend. There is no credit for missed lessons. This studio also does not accept walk-in students.

The rates for a piano lesson vary from $15 to $40 per 30-minute lesson. The amount you pay will depend on the length of the lesson and the reputation of the teacher. Some instructors charge more for longer lessons, while others will charge less. Prices for piano lessons can also depend on the experience level of the piano teacher, which can either be high or low. Younger teachers charge less than those with more experience.

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